What Makes Us Different


A separate supervision department


An independent department to deal with client’s feedback


Our mission is not only to accomplish a project, but also to provide satisfactory service to you. The objective to set up this department is to look into the issues or problems that are not up to your expectations exclusively. Solutions would be provided in 3 working days after the investigation.  


Please feel free to send your feedback to info@abmrfw.com, your every piece of comment is essential for us in providing better services to you.


More than a FW company


Our capability is not limited to provide fieldwork service only.


We provide suggestions and advices in the stage of project design and quotation. Our suggestions and advices are come from our experiences, desk research and short interview with professionals.


Ongoing news in China is provided on our social network accounts weekly. Follow us and keep yourself updated on what’s going on in China.


Seemingly impossible made possible


Instead of saying “No”, we provide alternatives to you.



There are always solutions to those seemingly impossible tasks. Based on the understanding of client’s intentions, we would balance the requirement and reality and turn it into possible options in using our experiences.

  • HAE Landscape Research


    A client wanted to understand unmet needs in the prophylaxis HAE market given availability of newer products.




    HAE is a rare disease and its incidence is about 1/500000. Hence there were only few physicians treating HAE and we needed to find them out.  




    We ultimately found eligible respondents through two channels. Firstly, we searched for information related to HAE through academic literature/paper websites to identify authors and their hospitals; secondly, we searched for information on HAE-related associations and new drug trials on the Internet to identify relevant hospitals and their departments.

  • Background:

    A client wanted to understand the perceptions of the leading IVD manufacturers from the laboratory manager and supervisor. It’s a tracking study.




    The target audiences were not difficult to find, but the client has changed 4 agencies in the previous 4 waves as they never delivered the client’s expectations.  




    We enforce strict quality control as always. During the FW period, once the client raises questions about the data, the project manager will immediately go to verify it and confirm with the corresponding respondents, striving to reply to the client within 24 hours. We admitted defeat and not provide generic excuse for any issues occurred in the FW, making improvements in a relatively quick period of time. The client was satisfactory with our services and quality.

    IVD Industry Image Survey

  • Background:

    A client wanted to hold several FGDs in Shanghai for testing different brands of ice cream.




    There was 1 certain brand only sold in Guangzhou. And there were no cold chain delivery service in the couriers back then.   




    Our PM carried a box with drikold to keep the ice cream in certain temperature, to fly from Guangzhou to Shanghai. In this way, we have prepared all the targeted brands the client wanted to have.

    Ice Cream Research