Public Hospital, Private Hospital and Clinic in China

Number of healthcare institutions in China

Source: Health Statistics (June 2017) from National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China




What are hospitals?

They are referring to different tier of hospitals and public and private ones. Here are the percentages of each component takes.

医院类型百分比-2              医院类型百分比-3


From the above chat, we can learn that private hospital takes a greater percentage than public hospital, then why we always suggest to conduct interviews in public instead of private?

Because most patients would prefer public hospitals.


What cause that?

The reasons are complex, here are some of them.

Impression Issue:

1. Public hospitals are funding by government, hence patients are believe they are trustworthy.

2. There are many negative news and medical accidents on private hospitals. Moreover, the patients can not tell which ones are qualified, since there are many of them don’t have relevant certifications.


Medical Service Level:

Public hospitals own the most high-level physicians, advanced devices that private hospitals could not compare.

But recently, some of the private hospitals were setup to serve high-end consumers. They charged very expensive and claimed to provide better service and technology to the rich.


Reimbursement Issue:

Not all of the private hospitals covered by medial insurance, which means patients need to pay money out of their pocket. Public hospitals are 100% covered by medical insurance, patients can get an extend amount reimbursement from it.


What are Primary-level Healthcare Institutions?

They are referring to clinics/healthcare centers in county and township, which mean they are located in rural areas.

Clinics exist in urban areas as well, only poor people/don’t own medical insurance would visit, but dental clinics are an exception.   


What are Public Health Organizations?

They are referring to CDC, Health Supervision etc. There are official organizations.   

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